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Friendster Injection

Post by ivan.abnormal on Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:26 am

what's fs's layer injection actually? ..well , the goal of layer injection is to put a new layer above all other layers in modification of personal fs profile. With this trick , you'll be able to cheat your fs profile ,and further more , this trick is also very useful in accountZ hijacking !(i won't publish this one) hEHEHE..

Ok,let's move on, the main mistake that fs ever made is that they enable their users to put HTML tag on their personal profile.. that's the core part of this injection. Let's try the simplest layer injection to cheat the FS logo which always appears on the left-top on your profile.

-> go to 'edit profile' page.

-> select which form you want to inject from. (i prefer 'about me').

-> insert a modified html-layer tag (div) like this :

<div align="left"><div id="Layer1" style="BORDER-RIGHT: #000000 1px; BORDER-TOP: #000000 1px; Z-INDEX: 1; LEFT: 0px; BORDER-LEFT: #000000 1px; WIDTH: 500px; BORDER-BOTTOM: #000000 1px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 0px; HEIGHT: 76px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000; layer-background-color: #000000"><img src="" /></p></p>

-> Core tags explanation:

DIV align=left --- to set the layer's aligh to 'left'.

DIV id=Layer1 --- to make fs pretends that the injected layer is the 'main layer'
which covers other layers.

POSITION: absolute --- to make the layer's position to be absolute , so the screen's size won't disturb it.

HEIGHT: 76px ---> set the size of the area u want to cover with your layer.


IMG SRC ----> insert your image-url-path. (your new logo)
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